What makes a law firm different?

At MET Law, we believe our value to you begins at the core of our firm. Listening and responding to your needs. Shaping your legal strategy around what you want. Making you a valuable member of your legal team.

Whether you need a criminal defense attorney or someone who knows how to keep your small business afloat; whether you are facing major federal charges or a minor employment dispute, you need an attorney who will sit down with you, listen to your case, and help find the best solution for you. Your case isn't like everyone else's. Your law firm shouldn't be either.

Welcome to MET Law.

It's your life. Be heard.
About Our Attorneys

Michael is an attorney with experience in criminal law, landlord and tenant law, and business litigation, and has won awards for his trial and appellate skills. Now he will put those same skills to work for you.

T.J. is an attorney with experience in labor and employment law, and has worked as an advocate for our teachers here in the Twin Cities. Now he will be an advocate for you.

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