The True Cost of a DUI

The True Cost of a DUI

December 08, 2009
When you are arrested for DUI, you already know you are facing criminal charges. But in weighing the cost of a DUI, have you weighed ALL the costs of a conviction? Find out what it could mean for you.

For someone convicted of driving while intoxicated, the penalties - revocation of your license for up to one year, fines, and in some cases jail time - are pretty steep. But even aside from the criminal and administrative punishments, there is a hidden cost of a DUI conviction: the increased insurance rates that go along with that conviction.

A DUI conviction can double or even triple your auto insurance rates for three years or more, according to the insurance website For instance, Progressive Auto Insurance tells you "we do charge you appropriately for [a DUI]," and that you should "expect to pay for it for at least a few years." That's a nice way of saying "This is going to cost you, big."

It's not just Progressive. A great article on MSN Money calls a DUI "The $10,000 Ride Home." When you add up fines, fees, insurance premiums - and, yes, legal fees - the cost can run you thousands of dollars. And after all that is done, a DUI conviction will still haunt you on job applications or criminal background checks for years, if not for life.

You need a DUI attorney who will fight to help you get your life back on track. A Minnesota attorney who knows Minnesota DUI law, and can help you resolve your charges as quickly and painlessly as possible.

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