Our New Partner

January 25, 2010
MET Law Group is pleased to announce the addition of a new attorney. T.J. Streff will join the firm, bringing his expertise in labor and employment law. Find out more about T.J. here.

Like Michael, T.J. came to law school the long way, after working for a number of years out in the "real world" beyond academics. As a public school teacher, T.J. comes to the law with an acute grasp of the opportunities - and disadvantages - we all grow up with.

Now T.J. brings that same knowledge and empathy to the law, using his knowledge and experience gained with years in the public school system combined with his legal education and training, and putting them to work for his clients. T.J. is a distance runner and triathlete who has called St. Paul home for the last three years, and he will focus on the areas of labor and employment law.

Check out T.J.'s attorney bio.

About Our Attorneys

Michael Kemp is an attorney with experience in criminal law, and has won awards for his trial and appellate skills. Now he will put those same skills to work for you.

T.J. Streff is an attorney with experience in labor and employment law, and has worked as an advocate for our teachers here in the Twin Cities. Now he will be an advocate for you.

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