Consumer Advocacy

Protecting Your Consumer Rights

As an individual, you just don't have the power that a large corporation has. As a result, you may find yourself harassed over charges or fees, find false information on your credit report, or find yourself forced out of the courts and into arbitration with a company.

If you think you're being treated unfairly, you may be right! Just because a credit card company, phone company, or even your employer says you have to do something, that doesn't mean they're right. It's important you know your rights, and find out if you're being taken advantage of. You can make the harassment stop. Find out how.

Office of the Minnesota Attorney General

Around the Twin Cities or around Minnesota, the Minnesota Attorney General's Office can be a great resource for finding out your rights and how to stop unfair business practices over credit cards, medical bills, mortgages, or almost any other type of consumer transaction. Their website offers an easy-to-find overview of your rights with regard to these companies, and where to file a complaint if a Minnesota company is stepping on your rights. If your rights have been violated, you can call the Minnesota Attorney General's Office - and then let MET Law Group help you.

Federal Trade Commission: Bureau of Consumer Protection

Another great resource is the F.T.C.'s Bureau of Consumer Protection. Most larger companies do business all over the United States, and the federal government keeps an eye on them. If your rights are being violated by a national company, chances are you aren't the only one: it's happened before. The Bureau of Consumer Protection can give you an overview of your rights and help you file a complaint. Remember, you are protected by federal laws as well as state laws, and MET Law Group can help with both.

Information is power. Be heard.

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