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Protecting Your Rights

When you have been charged with a crime, the title of the case will read State v. YOU. This really sums up what you're facing: the entire resources of the State of Minnesota on one side, and you on the other. But you don't have to face that alone. Hiring a good criminal defense attorney will help you ensure that your rights are protected.

The U.S. Constitution's Bill of Rights and the Minnesota Constitution's Bill of Rights are set up to defend your rights. No matter what the charge, you have rights, including:

Because these rights are given to you, you should exercise them! A criminal defense attorney can make sure your constitutional rights are not violated, make sure the police and the prosecutor follow the right procedures, and make sure that you get a fair shake if you are charged with a crime. It's the State against you. Don't go through it alone.

Let us help you by answering some of your questions

What do I do if I have been arrested for DWI/DUI?

DWI/DUI is one of the most common criminal charges Minnesotans face, but an arrest for DWI/DUI can trigger many more problems than just the criminal charges. If you have been arrested for DWI/DUI, a good attorney can help you sort through the maze of laws and petitions you will need to navigate. Find out more about the consequences of a DWI/DUI arrest here.

Where do I find out about other criminal charges and defenses?

Criminal defense attorneys from MET Law Group are here to help if you have been charged with various crimes. Although you should always consult with a defense attorney if you have been charged with a crime, you can look here for a broad overview of specific crimes and some more common defenses that might be available to you.

What will happen to me if I decide to take a plea?

When you are deciding whether to take a case to trial or to try and negotiate a plea, it is important to know what options are available to you, and what might happen if you plead to a crime. Although a good criminal defense attorney is always your best resource for determining what to do when you are charged with a crime, you can take a look at some of the possible outcomes of a plea here.

What are my rights if my property has been seized by police?

Police will often "forfeit" or seize property they have found in the course of a criminal investigation. You have a right to challenge this forfeiture, to make sure that your rights to your property are protected. A forfeiture attorney can help you make sure you don't lose your car or other property unjustly.

Have the police violated my rights?

Popular police shows like Law & Order, N.C.I.S., and Hawaii Five-0 give people the impression that they know what police can and can't do in a criminal investigation. Unfortunately, shows like that are fiction, designed to entertain rather than inform. A good criminal defense attorney knows what the police can and cannot do, and can let you know if the police have violated your rights. For some common misconceptions about police procedure, check out our guide.

Information is power. Be heard.

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